About HandyAntman

As an electronics and electrical engineer by primary profession, I worked at a leading University for 33 years supporting undergraduate teaching and cutting-edge research. To escape the monotony of meetings and internal politics in the later years, I made a major career change to undertake work that I actually enjoy with visible end results.
I started property maintenance whilst still at school with painting & decorating. By the age of 13, I was well used to electrical installation (under what was then the 14/15th Edition IEE regs), as my late father was a lecturer in the subject at a local college.

With later experience of total property refurbishments, I also gained an interest in Renewable Energy and energy saving. As one of the early adopters of modern solar thermal technology, I installed my own system in early 2006 and developed a simple safety heat dump method that does not require any additional plumbing. The heat dump schematics are freely downloadable from my Solar Thermal support page.

I am known for doing a job properly. For those who need 'a quick bodge' it's best to look elsewhere...
With some creative thinking and sometimes ingenuity, it can be possible to achieve projects that may not, on the face of it, seem possible.

I have many retired clients and all my work comes from existing clients and recommendations and referrals from them. Hence the reason I do not advertise.

I am fully insured with £2m Public Liability Insurance via
Direct Line for peace of mind.

Handy hints & tips

Water leaks
If you have a serious water leak, turn off the main stopcock to prevent additional water entering the property. Then try to isolate the source of the water at the nearest valve.
For a split header tank, run the bath taps to empty the residual water quickly.
For heating system leaks, turn off the boiler and controls at the main isolator to prevent damage until the leak is repaired.

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Anthony Cooper
3, Deaufort Close
E-mail: handyantman@virginmedia.com
Tel: 01865 842948